Zygmunt Palka; the diary; Jan Palka

In June 1940 Zymunt Palka and his son, Jan, were deported by the Russian political police from eastern Poland to a forced labour camp in Siberia. Zygmunt died there but Jan survived. Following an amnesty in 1941 Jan made his way to the middle-east where he joined Polish divisions in the British army and later settled in Britain, where he died in 2008.

Zygmunt kept a wartime diary, a section of which offers a detailed account of this terrible journey. Jan kept and maintained the diary throughout his further travels during the war. In 2008, Jan’s son and daughter, Adrian and Kalina Palka, inherited the diary.

In 2013 Adrian retraced the footsteps of the journey to Siberia to gather materials for educational and artistic use as well as for personal reflection. This website is the record of that project.